Waiting on an email that might never come. Clinging to a hope that might prove false. Determined to do things that might be more than I can handle. And slowly driving myself insane by overthinking it. 

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Went to my first drag party last night. Just got home, still kind of hungover. But wow it was fun. I got to be a very pretty lady for the night, haha

I hope no one took pictures that will come back to me

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Ugh… I’ve been dead for almost a week. Made some big life decisions that I think I might be in way over my head. Excited, but also kind of… nervous.

We’ll see.

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That feeling when you know someone is going through your blog because they’re reblogging all your posts from a month ago, but don’t follow.

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So I decided to start another blog dedicated to WW2 facts. Basically I take excerpts from this awesome WW2 encyclopedia that I picked up. My concentration for my history degree is military history, especially WW2, so I’m quite excited to do this.

So if you’re interested in WW2, feel free to follow!

This is what I do at 3 in the morning….

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